Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much should a new boiler cost?

New boiler installation costs vary depending on many factors including water pressure, property size, number of inhabitants and regulation extras required. That said below we have attached some base prices for our current boiler installations in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas.

Standard combi swap – From £1100

Standard system boiler swap – From £1000

Full central heating installation – From £4000

What is the gas safe register, and why is it important?

The gas safe register is the governing body of all gas safe engineers. To undertake and gas work in the UK you must be a member of the gas safe register and undertake testing every 5 years. Anyone who undertakes gas work from smaller gas cooker installations to full boiler installations and anything in-between must be gas safe registered, failure to comply can result in large fines and even prison. All gas safe engineers have a gas safe identity card and can be found on the gas safe website.

Who covers my new boiler warranty?

All new boiler installations come with a parts and labour warranty, the length of which depends entirely on your chosen boiler and installer. Some new boilers come with as little as two years parts and labour warranty whilst the longest so far is a massive 15 years.

The parts and labour warranty is covered by your boiler manufacturer be it Worcester Bosch, Ideal Heating, Vaillant, Baxi or any of the other popular boiler manufacturers in the uk. However all stipulate that your new boiler needs to be serviced annually by either a gas engineer employed by the boiler manufacturer themselves or any other gas safe registered engineer. Our boiler servicing starts from just £50 per year.

What is covered in a warranty?

A boiler warranty covers all parts and labour for the boiler only for the full length of the warranty as long as the boiler is serviced annually, this warranty is provided by the boiler manufacturer. We also cover all pipework that we have altered for 12 months after installation.

What’s the difference between a cheap and expensive boiler?

This question gets asked a lot and there isn’t a straight forward answer. Put as simply as possible, the main difference between a cheap boiler and an expensive one is the length of the warranty which in turn tells you about the build quality. A boiler with a two year warranty will have very cheap parts inside and as such the manufacturer deems this boiler to be a high repair risk and stamps a 2 year warranty on the box.

Therefore a boiler with a 10 year warranty must have better quality parts for the manufacturer to put a long warranty on the box. If this wasn’t the case, boiler manufacturers would end up maying put millions for boiler repairs covered under their own warranties.

Is it worth investing in a more expensive boiler?

If you plan on being in the property or renting out for the long term then yes, the long warranty that usually comes with more expensive boilers will pay for itself over time. Don’t forget a boiler warranty changes with the property so it could be a selling point when finding a buyer for the property.

I need a gas cooker installation, what will it cost?

For standard gas cooker installations, with a size ranging from 50cm to 60cm wide the general installation cost is between £40 and £70.

A £40 gas cooker installation would only be possible if there is a gas hose to connect to the gas point on the wall, a cooker chain to add safety to the cooker and that the old cooker installation was compliant with all current gas regulations.

New gas cooker installation

For those that have no cooker currently installed, most new cookers do not come with either a gas cooker hose to connect the cooker to the gas supply, a gas union to connect the hose to the gas supply or a cooker chain. As such this will increase the cost to £70.

If you happen to have no gas supply close to the cooker location this would require a home visit.

Do I need a power flush?

A power flush is simply a machine that connects to your central heating pipework and flushes water through your heating system and usually through a magnet or filter. This is generally an option used when a heating system has either blocked radiators or pipework or cold spots on some or all radiators. The cost of a power flush starts from £400 and rises depending on the size of the property and the severity of the blockages.

If all your radiators get warm but have a cold curve along the base of the radiator this would indicate that there is a dirt buildup in the system. However as no radiators have stopped working altogether there are no full blockages. In this case, a vibracelan of each radiator and a system flush is appropriate and cheaper. A vibraclean starts from £200 depending on the size of the property and the severity of the radiator debris buildup.

What areas do you cover?

We cover a fairly large area for boiler installations, generally up to an hours drive from the centre of Chesterfield. For smaller jobs, we cover Chesterfield, Sheffield, Bolsover and all smaller towns in these regions.

Do I need a corgi engineer?

We hear this a lot especially from some older customers. The new governing body of all gas engineers is now the gas safe register and all gas safe engineer must be a member of the gas safe register to undertake any gas work in the UK. You can check if anyone offering to undertake gas related work on your property is a gas safe engineer by heading to If you have recently had any gas related work undertaken you can also head to the gas safe website and request a visit from a gas safe inspector if you feel the work was completed to an unsafe standard.

Are smart thermostats worth the cost?

Smart thermostats are quickly becoming a standard part of all new boiler installations to comply with new legislation called boiler plus. This stated that all new boiler installations must be energy efficient to a certain level and the simplest way to achieve this is through a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats come in many different varieties including boiler manufacturer thermostats and third party smart thermostats with all doing a similar job. The big difference with some is the ability to connect to the internet and your phone, giving you full control of your central heating. This can be of use especially to those who leave and arrive home at different times throughout the day. The smart thermostat phone app gives you the ability to turn your heating on when setting off home so that when you arrive, you arrive to a nice, comfortable temperature to settle down for the evening.

The ability to fully control when your heating goes on and off plus the ability to keep and eye on your energy usage from your phone makes a smart thermostat an excellent choice for your property. The added cost may be £100 or so more than a standard thermostat but the savings made on your heating bills in the following months and years will ensure it has paid for itself in no time.

What should I look out for when choosing a tradesperson?

Whilst the big companies swarm over the tv and internet, we believe you don’t get the personal touch you get from a local trade. Using big companies generally feels like you’re just a number whereas local trades are genuinely thankful for your custom and will go above and beyond to ensure customer happiness.

When choosing a trade it is best to always look into the customer reviews and also to have a good chat to ensure you both get along and have the same vision for your project.